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Introduction of Whole numbers
Two quantities with a Constant Difference

Maths worksheet for Whole number sums

1) May Ling spent all her money on 3 ring files and 8 notebooks. If she had bought 1 notebook and 4 ringfiles, she would save $0.50. Each notebook cost $2.50 less than each file . What fraction of May Ling's money was spent on notebook?

Ans :- 413of May Ling's money was spent on notebook.

2) The number of oranges in a basket is between 44 and 99. If they are put into groups of 3, there will be 2 oranges left. If they are put into groups of 5, there will also be 2 oranges left. If they are put into groups of 7 there will be no oranges left. How many oranges are there in the basket?

Ans :- There are 77 oranges in the basket.

3) A delivery company charges $6 for parcels delivered on time and $4 for parcel delivered late. In January, the company collected $7680 for every 17 parcels delivered, 3 were delivered late.
a) What was the total number of parcels delivered on time?
b) How much less money did the company collect in January because of parcels delivered late?

Ans :- a) Total 1120 parcels were delivered on time
b) $480 .

4) John and Sarah each saved a fixed amount everyday. Sarah, who started saving earlier, saved $3 eachday. By the 20th day of Sarah's saving, John had saved $20, By the 26th day of Sarah's saving John had saved $44.
a) How much did John save each day?
b) On which day of Sarah's saving would their total savings be $164?

Ans :- a) John saved $4 each day
b) On 32nd day of Sarah's saving .

5) a) The length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and its width is decreased by 10%. By what percent does the area of the rectangle change?
b) What if, instead , we decreased the length by 20% and increased the width by 10%?

Ans :- a) 8% increase
b) 12% decrease.

6) Increasing $100 by a certain percent produces the same result as decreasing $300 by the same percent. Find this percent.

Ans :- 50% .

7) A number is increased by 50%, then the resulting number is decreased by 40%. What was the original number if the final number is eight less than the original?

Ans :- 80.

8) The sum of a 5 consecutive odd number is 65. Find the least of these numbers.

Ans :- 9.

9) Express ½% as a decimal.

Ans :- 0.005.

10) Mr. Bullock owns a selection of a dogs. All the adult dogs are Labradors, while some of his puppies are Dalmatians. In all he has 11 dogs, of which 7 are Labradors and 8 are puppies. How many of his puppies are Labradors?

Ans :- 4 Labrador puppies.

11) Mr Nino sells sushi in packs.

Packet size Price per packet
Small $2
Medium $3
Larg $4

Miss Kelly bought some sushi packs for a party. Half of the number of packs are small packs. One fifth of the number packs are medium packs. The rest are large packs. Miss Kelly paid $56 for the sushi packs. How many packs of sushi did she buy?

Ans :- She bought 20 packs of sushi .

12) May had just enough money to buy 10 comics and 8 books. With the same amount of money, she could also buy 2 comics and 12 books. However, she decided to spend all her money only on books. How many books could she buy?

Ans :- She could buy 20 books.

13) At a party, every 8 children shared a plate of cookies and every 12 children shared a plate of tarts. If 10 plates were used altogether, find the number of children present at the party.

Ans :- 48 children were present at the party.

14) It took 4 hours for 4 boys to paint 4 chairs. It took 6 hours for 6 girls to paint 6 chairs. At this rates, how many chair can 12 boys and 12 girls paint in 12 hours?

Ans :- 60 chairs.

15) If 3 cats catch 3 rats in 3 minutes, how many rats can 30 cats catch in 30 minutes?

Ans :- 300 rats.

16) Mary took four Mathematics tests last month. Her average score for the first two tests was 94 and her average score for all the four tests was 86. If she scored 14 more marks in the last test than the third test, what was her score for the last test?

Ans :- She scored 85 marks for the last test.

17) A group of pupils calculated their average score for a class test. They found that if one of them scored another 22 marks, their average mark would be 90. However, if one of them scored 8 marks less, their average Mark would be 80. How many pupils were there in the group?

Ans :- 3 pupils.