Math worksheet for Volume and Mass

1) The mass of four sacks of rice, A, B, C and D were recorded. 3 sacks of rice were weighed at a time.
Sacks A, B and C weighed a total of 55 kg.
Sacks B, C and D weighed a total of 56 kg.
Sacks A, C and D weighed a total of 57 kg.
Sacks A, B and D weighed a total of 58.5 kg.
What was the total mass of Sack B and Sack D?

Ans :- 39 kg.

2) The average mass of a group of 5 children is 34 kg. When Jonah joins the group, the average mass becomes 35 kg. What is Jonah's mass?

Ans :- 40 kg.

3) Tank A was 60% filled with water. Some of the water was then poured into Tank B which was empty. The height of the water in Tank B was half of the height of the water left in Tank A.
(a) What was the height of the water in Tank B?
(b) What was the volume of water in Tank B? Leave your answer in litres.

Ans :- a) 12 cm
b) 48.6 L.

4) Mrs. Ronald has 3 sacks of coffee beans weighing 56 kg, 96 kg and 120 kg. She wants to repack all the coffee beans into smaller packets of equal mass. Without mixing the coffee beans from the three sacks and without any leftover or wastage,
(a) What is the greatest possible mass of each packet?
(b) How many packets of coffee beans will she get in all?

Ans :- A) 8 kg
B) She will get 34 packets in all.

5) Darren used 14 litres of syrup to make fruit punch. He added 2.35 litres of water. The fruit punch was then poured into cups of 250 ml for sale.
(a) How many full cups of fruit punch did he get?
(b) Each cup of fruit punch was sold for $0.95. How much would Darren collect if he sold all the full cups of fruit punch?

Ans :- a)65 R 100

6) The figure below shows an empty flower vase of height 31 cm. it is made from two containers. The top container is in the form of a cuboid which measures 5 cm by 2 cm by 15 cm. the bottom container is in the form of a cube of edge 16 cm.

4.2 litres of water are poured into the empty vase. Find the height of the water level from the base of the vase. (1 litre = 1000 cm²)

Ans :- 26.4 cm.

7) The cuboid below is formed with 4-cm cubes. What is the volume of the cuboid?

Ans :- 1536 cm³.

8) Ten metal cubes were placed in an empty rectangular tank. Water was poured into the tank until it was 75% full. When all the metal cubes were taken out, the water level decreased by 13 of its original height. If there were 10.24 litres of water in the tank,
(a) What was the length of each metal cube?
(b) What was the volume of the tank in litres? (1 litre = 1 000 cm³ )

Ans :- a) 8 cm
b) 20.48 ℓ .