Math worksheet for Speed and Rate sums

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Speed and Distance sums

1) A train took 12 hours to travel from Singapore to Ipoh. Its average speed for the first 13 of the journey was ½ the average speed for the remaining journey. Find the time taken for the first 13 of the journey.

Ans :- 6h.

2) Jane Kate jogged in opposite directions around a track. They started from Point S at the same time. 10 minutes later, Jane, jogging at 60 m per minute passed point S while Kate was still 50 m away from S.
(a) Find Kate's speed.
(b) How far apart were they after 12 min?

Ans :- a)55 m/min b) 180 m.

3) Diana and Eddy drove from Town A to Town B. Diana left at 8 a.m. Eddy left at 8.45 a.m. Eddy drove at a speed 20 km/h faster than Diana. Diana was 60 km ahead when Eddy left Town A.
(a) Find Diana's average speed.
(b) How far from Town A did Eddy overtake Diana?

Ans :- a) 80 km/h b) 300 km.

4) Town A and Town B are 1080 km apart. At 7 a.m., Mr Tan started driving from Town A to Town B. At the same time, Mr Hamid started driving in the opposite direction at a speed 10 km/h faster than Mr Tan's. At 12 noon, they were 180 km apart. Find Mr Hamid's speed if they were travelling at constant speeds.

Ans :- 95 km/h.

5) Mr Chan drove for 1 ½ h at 80 km/h covering 35 of a journey. If the average speed for the whole journey was 60 km, find the time he took to complete the remaining 25 of the journey. (Give your answer in the format of __h __min)

Ans :- 1h 50 min.

6) Mr Samy and Mr Lai drove from Town A to Town B. Mr Samy left at 7 a.m. and Mr Lai left at 8 a.m. At 11 a.m., Mr Lai overtook Mr Samy. If Mr Lai drove at a speed 20 km/h faster than Mr Samy, at what speed did Mr Samy drive?

Ans :- 60 km/h.

7) Rahim ran 10 m/min faster than Raju. After Rahim had completed a certain distance in 1 h, Raju was ¼ the distance behind Rahim. Find the distance Rahim covered. Express your answer in km.

Ans :- 2.4 km.

8) Mr Raju and Mr Fong drove from Town P to Town Q. Mr Raju left at 12 noon and drove at a speed of 36 km/h. When he arrived at Town Q at 2 p.m., Mr Fong still had 12 km to cover. If Mr Fong drove at a speed of 40 km/h, at what time did he leave Town P?

Ans :- Mr Fong left town P at 12:30 pm.

9) 1. Ali and Ah Seng both took part in a 10-minute quiz. Ah Seng started 1 minute late and answered 3 less question than Ali in every minute. Given that the two boys answered 201 questions in all, how many question did each of them answered?

Ans :- A ) Ali-120
B) Ah Seng-81

10) 2. Tom takes 24 days to assemble a certain number of computes. Dick takes 32 days to complete the same job. If Tom starts assembling some computers first and leaves the remainder to Dick, they will take 26 days in all to complete the job. How many days does Tom spend on the job?

Ans :- Tom spent 18 days on the job.

11) There are two candles of different lengths. Candle A can be lighted up for 8 hours while Candle B will be burnt up in 13 hours. After 3 hours, the remaining lengths of both candles became the same. Find the ratio of the original length of Candle A to the original length of Candle B.

Ans :- 14 : 11.