Math worksheet for Speed and Rate sums

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Speed and Distance sums

1) An empty tank measuring 78 cm by 50 cm by 30 cm had a crack at the bottom. The crack caused water to flow out of the tank at a rate of 0.4 ℓ per min. The tank was placed under a running tap that would fill it with water at a rate of 1 ℓ per minute.
a) How long would it take for the empty tank to be 35 filled?
b) What percentage of the tank would be filled in half an hour's time?

Ans :- a) 117 min
b) 15513 % .

2) The radius of bicycle wheel is 35 cm. How many revolutions does it need to make to cover a distance of 440 m? (Take π = 227)

Ans :- 200.

3) Pail A contained 20 litres of water at first. Pail B, which is empty, fills at a rate of 15 litres per minute for 4 minutes before the tap filling Pail A is turned on. Pail A fills at a rate of 11 litres per minute. Water is leaking from the bottom of Pail B at a rate of 1 litre per minute.
(a) How much water is in Pail B one minute after the tap filling Pail A is turned on?
(b) How long will it take for Pail B to contain 54 litres more water than pail A?

Ans :- a)75 ℓ
b) 7 ½ min.

4) Mr. Tan sends his son to school every morning at 6.15 a.m. If he drives at an average speed of 60 km/h, his son will be 10 minutes late for school. If he speeds at an average speed of 120 km/h, his son will arrive in school 10 minutes early. What should Mr. Tan's average speed be if he wants his son to arrive in school on time?

Ans :- 80 km/h.

5) Town A and Town B are 760 km apart. At 9.40 a.m., Gopal set off from Town A to Town B at a constant speed of 80 km/h. Half an hour later, Haron set off from Town B to Town A at a constant speed which is 10 km/h slower than Gopal's speed. What time will they meet each other along the way?

Ans :- They will meet at 2.58 pm.

6) A rectangular container, measuring 80cm by 50cm by 50cm, was filled with water to a depth of 40cm. The water was drained out for 14 minutes at a rate of 2ℓ per minute. What was the new height of the water level after 14 minutes?

Ans :- 33 cm.

7) Mr. Tok left Town A for Town B at 11.30 am. He travelled at an average speed of 75 km/h. At 12.15 pm, Ms. Selva left Town A for Town B, travelling on the same route at an average speed of 100 km/h.
(a) At what time would Ms. Selva overtake Mr. Tok?
(b) After Ms. Selva had overtaken Mr. Tok, she took another 2 hours to reach Town B. What was the distance between Town A and Town B?

Ans :- a) 2.30 pm
b) 425 km .

8) A car left Town X for Town Y at the same time when a motorcycle left Town Y for Town X. The average speed for the car is 88 km/h while the average speed of the motorcycle was 64 km/h. The two vehicles passed each other at a point 33 km from the midpoint between Town X and Town Y. What was the distance between Town X and Town Y?

Ans :- 418 km.

9) 3 square-based containers each of depth 5 cm were linked at the centres to form a fondue fountain as shown below. If the chocolate flowed from the 2-cm square-based column tube at a rate of 80 ml per minute, how long would it take to fill the three tiers completely?

Ans :- 28 minutes .

10) Mark and Nani were heading for their school from their homes. Mark started walking at a speed of 30 m/min. At 6.45 a.m., Mark passed Nani's flat and Nani started walking to the school at a certain speed. At 7 a.m., Nani was 150 m ahead of Mark.
a) Find the speed at which Nani was walking. [answer: 40 m/min]
b) If Nani reached the school 8 min ahead of Mark, at what time did Mark reach the school?

Ans :- 7.17 a.m.