Math worksheet for Difference , Shortage and excess sums

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Shortage and excess

1) A man bought an equal number of oranges and apples for party. He bought oranges at 3 for $2 and the apples at 4 for $3. He paid $5 more for the apples than the oranges. How much did he pay in all?

Ans :- In all he paid $85.

2) To motivate he son to study mathematics, a mother promises to pay him 50¢ for every problem correctly solved and to fine him 30¢ for each incorrect solution. At the end of 40 problems, neither owes anything to the other. How many problems did the boy solved incorrectly?

Ans :- 25 problems

3) A mathematics counselor post drew 100 applicants 20 did not pass their English and mathematics. 55 were good in English and 75 were good in mathematics. How many applicants were qualified for the post, which required someone to be proficient in both English and mathematics?

Ans :- 50 applicants

4) At a math meeting, 14 members like algebra or geometry, 8 like algebra and 5 like both algebra and geometry. How many like geometry?

Ans :- 11 members like geometry

5) Letchmi attempted all the 70 questions in an online game and scored 224 marks. Given that 5 marks were awarded for each correct answer but 2 marks were deducted for each wrong answer, how many questions did Letchmi answer correctly?

Ans :- 52.

6) Mrs. Lee has 60 pencils to give to her class. If she gives each boy 2 pencils and each girl 3 pencils, she will have 6 pencils left over. However, if she gives each boy 3 pencils and each girl 2 pencils, she will have 4 pencils left over. How many pupils are there in Mrs. Lee's class?

Ans :- 22.

7) In a game, you will score 200 points if you win but will have 150 points deducted if you lose. Muthu played 10 games and scored 950 points. How many games did he lose?

Ans :- 3 games.

8) A delivery company charges $6 for parcels delivered on time and $4 for parcels delivered late. In January the company collected $7680. For every 17 parcels delivered, 3 were delivered late and 14 were delivered on time.
(a) What was the total number of parcels delivered on time?
(b) How much less money did the company collect in January because of parcels delivered late?

Ans :- a) 1120 parcels
b) $480 less .