Math worksheets for percentage sums

1) Mrs Tan receives a sum of $540 from her 3 children who earn a total of $4080. Lily and Lucy each give 15% of their pay while John gives 20% of the sum. If Lucy's pay is $1620, what percentage of his pay does John give to his mother?

Ans :- 9%.

2) In a sack of 42 shirts and shorts, 40% of the shirts and 50% of the shorts were soiled. If 24 shirts and shorts were clean, how many soiled shirts were there?

Ans :- There were 12 soiled shirts.

3) I have some red and blue ribbons in a bottle. If I add in 20 red ribbons, 60% of my ribbons are blue.
If I add in another 60 blue ribbons, 75% of my ribbons are blue.
How many ribbons have I in the bottle?

Ans :- 180 Ribbons.

4) Mr. Yeo gives 80% of his money to his wife. However, his income for this month was 35% less than last month. As a result, the amount of money he gave to his wife decreased by $175. What was his income last month?

Ans :- Last month his income was $625.

5) Darren and Yenni both had a stall. On a particular day, Darren sold 85% of the number of mangoes Yenni sold. If both of them sold 555 mangoes altogether, how many more mangoes did Yenni sell than Darren?

Ans :- Yenni sold 45 more mangoes than Darren.

6) Jeff has 45% as many sweets as Melvin and 40% fewer sweets than Alfred. If they have a total of 132 sweets, how many sweets does Jeff have?

Ans :- 27 sweets.

7) There was an equal number of guppies and goldfish in a tank at first. When 60 more goldfish were put into the tank, the percentage of guppies decreased to 20%. How many fish are in the tank now?

Ans :- 100.

8) In a school hall, 40% of the pupils were girls. When 27 more girls entered the hall, the number of girls in the hall became 75% of the boys. How many pupils were there in the hall in the end?

Ans :- 567 .

9) The length of a rectangle is increased by 25% and its breadth is increased by 30%. What is the percentage increase in its area?

Ans :- 62.5%.

10) Sandra had 360 pears and apples at her store. After selling 30% of the apples and 40% of the pears, she had 230 fruits left.
(a) How many pears did she sell?
(b) How many apples did she have at first?

Ans :- a) 88
b) 140 .