Math worksheets for percentage sums

1) Ben and Joseph shared 72 stickers between them. When their teacher gave them another 10 stickers each. Joseph had 16% fewer stickers than Ben. What was the ratio of Ben's number of stickers to Joseph's number of stickers at first?

Ans :- 5 : 4

2)Mr. Lee sold two watches at $720 each. He made 20% on the first watch and lost 20% on the second watch. How much did he make or lose?

Ans :- Lost $60

3) The price of a computer chip cost 25% less in 1998 than in 1997. In 1999, the price of the same chip was 50% less than what it cost in 1998. If it cost $900 in 1999, find out how much more expensive the same chip would have cost in 1997?

Ans :- $1500

4) For every piano that Siti sells, she earns a sum of money as stated below: "10% of the first $500 of the selling price and 8% of the remaining selling price." Siti sold a piano and earned $650. What was the selling price of the piano?

Ans :- $8000 .

5). Li Ming, Wei Wei and Su Ting share some money. Li Ming's share is 40% of the sum of money. Wei Wei's share is $40 more than Li Ming's share. Wei Wei's share is also 4 times Su Ting's share.
A. What is Su Ting's share?
B. How much money does Li Ming receive?

Ans :- a)$60
b) Li Ming received $200

6) The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a nursery was 4:5. In the first year, when 70 girls joined the nursery, there was a 35% increase in the number of girls. In the second year, some more children joined the nursery increased by another 20%. Find the overal increase in the number of children for 2 years.

Ans :- 86.

7) Bob had a collection of stamps. 0.75 of the stamps were Singapore stamps and the rest were Malaysian stamps. He gave away 21 Malaysian stamps and 60% of the Singapore stamps. He had 2/5 of his stamp collection left. How many Singapore stamps did he give away?

Ans :- He gave away 63 singapore stamps

8) A sofa set was sold at a discount of 40%. Calculate the percentage loss if the marked price was $1500 and the cost price was 25% more than the sale price.

Ans :- 20%.

9) Mrs Wong made a profit of 10% from the sale of a moblie phone and a 15% profit from the sale of a watch. Her total profit for the 2 items was $210. Later, she sold a similar watch at a discount of 20% off the advertised price. Her total profit for the 3 times then fell to $130. Find the cost of the mobile phone.

Ans :- Cost of the mobile phone is $600 .

10) Jim has half as many marbles as Mark. Mark has 30% of what Sam has. If Sam gives 80 of his marbles to Jim, he will have four times as many marbles as Jim.
A. Find the number of marbles Jim has?
B. Find the percentage of marbles Jim has?

Ans :- a) 150
b) 101029 %.