Math worksheets for percentage sums


1) A Science club had 50 members. Half of them were boys. After some boys left the club, the number of boy were 40% less than the number of girl in the club.
A. What was the new percentage of the boys in the club?
B. How many boys left the club?

Ans :- a) 37½ %
b) 10 boys left the club

2) If a shopkeeper sells an armchair at a discount of 15% of the usual price, he will make a profit of $20. If he sells it at a discount of 30% of the usual price, he will make a loss of $40. Find the cost price of the arm-chair.

Ans :- Arm chiar cost $320

3) A bookseller bought 200 books. He sold 180 of them for $450. The remainders were sold at a discount of 50%
A. If his overall profit was 25%. How much did he pay at first?
B. If he wanted to make a profit of 40%, at what price should he sell each of the remaining books?

Ans :- a) At first he paid $380
b) He should sell each of the remaining book at $4.10

4) On Monday, shirts in a shop were sold at $15 each. On Tuesday, the price of the shirts was reduced and the number of the shirts sold increased by 50% while the amount of money collected increased by 25%. Find the price of the shirt sold on Tuesday.

Ans :- The price of the shirt is $12.50

5) In a bag of sweets, 45% are chocolate sweets while the rest are fruit sweets. If 16 fruit sweets are added in, 25% of the sweets would be chocolate sweets. How many chocolate sweets are there in the bag at first?

Ans :- There are 9 sweets in the bag at first.

6) Tom spent $2000 from his monthly salary on accommodation and clothes. He gave 18% of his salary to his father. The rest of his salary was given to his mother. If mother received 70% of the total amount Tom gave away, find his salary.

Ans :- Tom's salary is $5000

7) Cindy and Natali have some money. Cindy's money is 70% of Natali. If Cindy gave 20% of her money to her mother and Natali gave Cindy 5% of what she has, they still have $11778. Find
a) The amount of money Natali has at first.
b) The amount of money Cindy has at last.

Ans :- a) At firt Natali has $7550
b) At last Cindy has $4605.50

8) Devi spends $840 of her monthly salary and saves the rest. If her monthly expenditure decreased by $140, her monthly savings will be increased by 20%, find her monthly salary.

Ans :- Her monthly salary is $1540.

9) The cost of a pen in a shop was $18 which was 20% cheaper than the cost of a similar pen in an emporium. During the christmas sales, the percentage discount given at both the shop and the emporium is the same. Tom bought a pen from the emporium during the sale and discovered that he could have saved $2.70 if he had bought the pen from the shop. Find
A. The price of the pen in the emporium before the discount.
B. The percentage discount given at both the shop and the emporium.

Ans :- a) $22.50

10) 60% of the chairs in the hall were red and the rest were blue. When the number of red chairs was reduced by half and the number of blue ones increased by 60%, Mr. Poon found that there 30 fewer chairs. How many chairs were there in the hall at first?

Ans :- At first there were 500 chairs in the hall.

11) A shopkeeper sold 2 vases at $120 each. He made a profit of 20% on one vase but lost 20% on the other vase. Find the overall profit or loss from the sale of the two vases.

Ans :- Hid profit was $10.