Math worksheets for percentage sums

1) Amy and Beatty had $3450 altogether. After Amy gave 25% of her money to Beatty, Amy still had $150 more than Beatty. How much money did Beatty have at first?

Ans :- At first Beatty had $1050

2) Mona has 60% more stamps than Hui Ling. Katherine has 15% less stamps than Mona. If the difference in the number of stamps that Katherine and Hui Ling have is 216, how many stamps does Mona have?

Ans :- Mona has 960 stamps

3) In January, the sale of red pens was $4550. This was 25% more than the sale of February. In March, the sale was 16% less than the sale in January. Find the average sale of red pens for the 3 months.

Ans :- $4004

4) Box A contains 350 black stones and 500 white stones. Box B contains 400 black stones and 100 white stones. How many black stones and white stones must be moves from Box B to Box A so that 50% of the stones in Box A are black and 75% of the stones in Box B are black?

Ans :- Black stone = 175 and white stone = 25

5) Andrew, Bob and Charles shared a sum of money. Andrew had 20% more than Bob. Bob had 10% less than Charles. Andrew had $20 more than Charles. Find the sum of money.

Ans :- $745

6) In April, the Financial Times reported an increase in pay of over 70% over two years for a company chairman. He was awarded a 45% rise in 1998 and a 22% rise in 1989. What was his actual percentage increase over the two years?

Ans :- 76.9% increase.

7) Mr. Lims's monthly salary is $44 more than Mr. Yong's. However, Mr. Lim spends $64 more than Mr. Yong every month. The amount of Mr. Yong's savings is 8% more than Mr. Lim's. How much does Mr. Yong save every month?

Ans :- Mr Yong saves $270 every month.

8) An apple pie costs $0.80 and a chicken pie costs $1.00. Mrs Lim paid $21.00 for some apple pies and chicken pies. 80% of what she bought was apple pies. How many more apple pies than chicken pies did she buy?

Ans :- She bought 15 more apples pies than chicken pies.

9) 60% of the buses in a city were owned by company A and the rest by company B. When company B bought 80 new buses, the percentage of its buses increased to 52% of the total number of buses. How many buses did company B have after the increase?

Ans :- After the increase Company B had 208 buses.

10) A salesman's monthly income increased by 20% between January and February and decreased by 40% between February and March. His income in March was $1334 less than his income in January. What was his income in February?

Ans :- In February his income was $5700 .

11) Mr. Fu bought 400 greeting cards. He sold 40% of them at 75 cents each, sold 30% of them at a discount of 20%, and sold the rest at cost price. He made a profit of $66. Find the cost price of the cards.

Ans :- 45 ¢ .