Math worksheets for percentage sums

1) Ming, Siti and Kumar agreed to share the cost of a present for their friend. Ming agreed to pay 35% of the cost of the present while Siti agreed to pay 20% of the remaining amount. The remainder would be paid by Kumar. However, when they went to buy the present, the price of the item had increased by 35%. As a result, Ming paid $94.50 for his share.
(a) What was the original price of the present?
(b) How much did Kumar pay in the end?

Ans :- a) The original price of the present was $200
b) In the end Kumar paid $140.40.

2) Mark had 120 marbles at first.
This was 40% less than the number of marbles Sam had.
(a) How many marbles did Sam have at first?
(b) During a visit to the Children's home, Mark gave away a percentage of his marbles and Sam gave away an equal percentage of his marbles too. What percentage of their marbles did each boy give away if Sam had 36 marbles more than Mark after the visit.

Ans :- a) At first Sam had 200 marbles
b) 55% .

3) Mr James had 3 microwave ovens each tagged at the same selling price of $800. He sold two of them and earned 25% of the amount he paid for them. He sold the third oven at a discount of 10%. If he paid the same amount for each oven, how much did James earn altogether?

Ans :- Altogether James earn $400.

4) A pen costs 4 times as much as a pencil. Dave spent 60% of his money on some pencils and 25% of the remainder on 2 pens. How many pencils did he buy?

Ans :- He bought 48 pencils.

5) 25% of a box of apples were red and the rest were green. 80% of the red apples and 40% of the green apples were sold. If altogether 40 apples were sold, find the number of apples in the box at first.

Ans :- 80.

6) Mr Khoo sold his car for $77 000 and earned a sum which was 10% of the sum that he paid for the old car. The amount he earned was also equal to 5% of the price of the new car. If Mr Khoo bought the new car at a discount of 25%, how much did he pay for the car?

Ans :- $105000.

7) In June, a computer shop sold 20% more PCs than in May. In July, it sold 6 less PCs than in June. In August the number of PCs sold increased by 25% over the previous month. If the number of PC's sold in august was 60. How many PCs were sold in May?

Ans :- 45.

8) Mike paid $500 for 100 pens. He sold 35 of them at 40% more than the cost price. He then reduced the selling price by 20% and sold the rest. Express the total amount he earned as a percentage of the cost.

Ans :- 28.8%.

9) 4 girls shared a sum of money. Meiying received 25% of it. Lily received 6% more than Meiying. Rosilah received 80% of the amount received by Meiying. Susie received $192. What was the sum of money? (Round off answer to nearest $)

Ans :- $800.

10) $400 were shared by 4 boys. Alan received 25% of the total amount that Ben, Carl and Dan received. Ben's share was 60% of the amount received by Carl and Dan. Carl received 4 times as much as Dan. How much more did Ben receive than Dan?

Ans :- Ben received $80 more than Dan.

11) A man saves 20% of his income. If his income is decreased by 5%, his savings will be decreased by $12. Find his income.

Ans :- $1200.