Math worksheets for percentage sums

1) A man saves 20% of his income. If his income is increased by 15%, his savings is increased by $24. Find his income.

Ans :- His income is $800

2) Amos' salary is 20% more than Steve's but 20% less than Joe's. If their total salary is $2 220. Find Amos' salary.

Ans :- Amos' Salary is $720.

3) At a party, there were some balloons. 25 balloons were burst and 10% of the remaining balloons flew away. If only 60% of the balloons were left, how many balloons were there at first?

Ans :- At first there were 75 balloons.

4) A fan club had 150 members last year. This year, the number of male members reduces by 20% the number of female members increases by 20%. As a result, there are now as many male members as female members. How many members does the club have this year?

Ans :- This year club has 144 members.

5) Mrs Kumar took 3 days to pack some hampers for charity. On Monday, she packed 20% of the hampers. On Tuesday she packed 70 hampers, which is 40% more than on Monday. What percentage of the hampers did she pack on the third day?

Ans :- 52% of the hampers she packed on the third day.

6) Jerard wants to buy a Playstation Portable. He saved 40% of the money needed in the first month. In the second month, he earned 50% of the remaining amount needed. However in the second month, the price of the Playstation Portable increased by 10%. As a result, Jerard was still short of $120. What was the original price of the Playstation Portable?

Ans :- The original price was $300.

7) James bought a number of pens for $93. If he was given a discount of 15%, he would be able to buy 3 more pens with the same amount of money.
(a) What was the discounted price of each pen?
(b) If he was given a 15% discount, how many pens could he buy with $93?

Ans :- a) The discounted price for each pen is $4.65
b) 20 pens..

8) Shop A sells Brand X watch for $1200 which is 25% more than the price sold at Shop B.
(a) What is the price of Brand X watch in Shop B?
(b) During a sale, both shops offer an equal percentage of discount on Brand X watches. Mrs Tan buys the watch in Shop B and pays $144 less than the discounted price in Shop A. What is the percentage discount?

Ans :- a) $960
b) 40%.

9) The number of female members in a fitness club increased by 25% to 165 this year. The number of male members decreased by 12% to 220.
(a) Is there an increase or decrease in the number of members in the fitness club this year?
(b) What was the increase or decrease in the number of members?

Ans :- a) Increase in the number of memebers
b) 3 members increased.

10) Store ABC sells a bag at $600 which is 25% less than the price of the same bag in Store XYZ. During a year-end sale, both stores offer the same percentage discount. If the difference in price between the two stores is now $170, what was the percentage discount given?

Ans :- 15% discount given.

11) There are 40 pupils in a class. 30% of them were girls. When some girls left the class, the percentage of girls dropped to 20%. How many girls left the class?

Ans :- 5 girls.