Math worksheets for percentage sums

1) Thor and Iron man went to a bookshop. Thor bought 3 storybooks at $4.80 each and a dictionary at $25.60. He spent 25% more than Iron man. Iron man bought only comics at $6.40 each. How many comics did Iron man buy?

Ans :- Iron man bought 5 comic books.

2) During the Great Singapore Sale, Shop A and Shop B sell HD television sets at at the same discounted price. Shop A sells the HD television sets at a discount of 15%. Shop B sells the same type of HD television sets at a discount of 20%. Janet bought the television set from Shop B for $1360.
(a) What is the original price of the HD television set at Shop B?
(b) If Shop A increases its discount to 25%, how much cheaper would the HD television set be sold in Shop A as compared to Shop B?

Ans :- a) $1700
b) $160

3) The table below shows the sales of cars at Benny's Honest Car Dealership.

Month Number of cars sold
April 24
May 30

(a) Express the number of cars sold in May as a percentage of the total number of cars sold in April and May. (Give your answer correct to 2 decimal places)
(b) The number of cars sold in June increased by 60% when compared to the number of cars sold in May. What was the total number of cars sold from April to June?

Ans :- a) 55.56%
b) 102

4) Benita and Mildred share a box of laminating sheets. If Benita were to give 25% of her share to Mildred, Benita would have half of Mildred's final share. If Benita were to give 16 laminating sheets to Mildred, Benita would have 54 fewer laminating sheets than Mildred. If they were to pack all their laminating sheets into boxes of 25 each, what is the least number of boxes required to pack all of them?

Ans :- At least 8 boxes required to pack all laminating sheets.

5) A Media Club consisted of 75 members. 32% of the members were boys. After some boys joined the club and some girls left the club, the club enrolment became 68 and the final number of boys became the same as the final number of girls. How many boys joined the club and how many girls left the club?

Ans :- 10 boys joined the club and 17 girls left the club.

6) Alice and her friends were assigned to fold paper stars in three weeks' time. In the first 11 days, they folded 70 paper stars on each day. In the next 6 days, they folded 20% less than the total of what they had folded in the past 11 days. If they still had 108 paper stars to fold per day for the remaining number of days, how many paper stars were they assigned to fold altogether in three weeks' time?

Ans :- They were assigned to fold 1818 paper stars.

7) The figure below shows 3 different recangles, A, B and C. 20% of rectangle A and 30% of rectangle C is shaded. The shaded area of A is the same as the shaded area of C. What fraction of the figure is shaded if 40% of rectangle B is shaded?


Ans :- 317 of the figure is shaded.

8) The usual selling price of a bottle of vitamins is $63. During the Great Singapore Sale, for every 2 bottles bought, the second bottle can be purchased at a 50% discount. Mrs Lee paid $567 for the vitamins during the sale. How many bottles of vitamins did she buy?

Ans :- Mrs Lee bought 12 bottles.

9) Jean scored 50 marks for her first CA1. She sat for 3 more tests subsequently. If she scored 10% more for each subsequent test, what is her average score for the 4 tests? (correct to 2 decimal places)

Ans :- 58.01 marks.

10) Dolly had 80 more stickers than Jenny. Dolly gave 25% of her stickers to Jenny. Jenny in return gave 60% of her stickers to Dolly. In the end, Dolly had 100 stickers more than Jenny. How many stickers did Dolly have at first?

Ans :- At first Dolly had 116 stickers..

11) A farmer sold 20% of his chickens in the morning. He sold 40% of the remainder in the afternoon. Then he had 120 chickens left. How many chickens did the farmer have at first?

Ans :- 250 chickens .