Maths worksheets for money sums

1) In June, Alice, Betty, Cindy and Diana saved a total of $1734. In July, Alice's savings doubled, Betty's savings decreased by $30 and Diana's savings increased by $46. Cindy's savings remained the same. The savings of each of the four girls then became the same.
(a) How much did Alice save in June?
(b) How much did Diana save in June?

Ans :- a) $250
b) $454 .

2) Wing Keong spent equal amounts of money on 5 notebooks and 7 pencils. Each notebook cost 30 cents more than each pencil. How much did Wing Keong spend altogether?

Ans :- $10.50.

3) Sally and June have $128 altogether. June and Minah have $160 altogether. Sally has 37 as much as Minah. How much money does June have?

Ans :- June has $104 .

4) Limei went to market with $48. This amount of money was just enough to buy 4 kg of chicken and 3 kg of mutton. Limei, however, bought 3 kg of chicken and 4 kg of mutton and had $1.50 left. Find the cost of 1 kg of mutton.

Ans :- $6

5) A box contained 50-cent coins and 20-cent coins in the ratio 2:3. When I took out four 50-cent coins, exchanged them for 20-cent coins, and then put the money back into the box, the ratio became 2:7. Find the sum of money in the box.

Ans :- $9.60.

6) Mr. Wu gave an amount of money to his two daughters Lihua and Aimei. Lihua received 58% of the money. If Lihua have $16 to Aimei, they would have the same amount of money. How much money did Mr. Wu give to Lihua?

Ans :- $116 .

7) The number of 20-cent coins in a box is 7 more than 3 times the number of 10-cent coins in the box. The total value of the coins in the box is $7. Find the value of the 20-cent coins in the box.

Ans :- $6.20.

8) Box A contains 50-cent coins and Box B contains 20-cent coins. There are 19 more coins in Box B than in Box A. but the amount of money in Box A is $1.30 more than the amount of money in Box B. how much money is in Box A?

Ans :- $8.50.