Maths worksheets for money sums

1) Jeanne earns $22 more than Caleb every week. Each of them spends $110 per week and saves the rest. When Jeanne has saved $1056. Caleb has only saved $880.
a) How long does Jeanne take to save $1056?
b) How much does Caleb earn in a week?

Ans :- a) Jeanne takes 8 weeks to save $1056
b) Caleb earns $220 in a week .

2) Farhan bought 1 T-shirt and 1 pair of shorts for $16. Keith bought 1 T-shirt and 1 pair of pants for $18. Eugene bought 6 T-shirts, 4 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of pants for $88.
a) What was the cost of 1 T-shirt?
b) What was the total cost of 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of pants?

Ans :- a) 1 T-shirt costs $6
b) The total cost is $22 .

3) Jessica and Joe were buying sports gear at a mall where a discount of $8 was given for every $80 spent.
a) Jessica picked up $572 worth of sports gear. How much did she pay for them after the discount?
b) If Joe paid the cashier $864, how much discount did he get?

Ans :- a) $516
b) $96.

4) Xavier, Yew Ming and Zason bought a watch for their mother on her birthday. Xavier paid ¼ of what Yew Ming and Zason paid. Yew Ming paid 15 of what Xavier and Zason paid. If Zason paid $56 more than Yew Ming, how much did the watch cost?

Ans :- Watch cost $120 .

5) Amy's savings was 40% less than Baoyu's savings at first. After Amy donated $52 and Baoyu donated $60, Baoyu's savings became 5 times as much as Amy's. What was their total saving at first?

Ans :- At first their total saving was $160 .

6) A coin box contained only twenty-cent and 50-cent coins in the ratio of 4 : 5. When 16 fifty-cent coins were taken out and replaced by some twenty-cent coins, the number of fifty-cent coins left in the box was 78 of the twenty-cent coins. The total value of all the coins remained the same. Find the sum of money in the coin box.

Ans :- $112.20.

7) Mr. Lim gave half his salary and $80 to his parents. Then he spent half of his remaining salary and $70 on rent. How much was his salary if he had $360 left?

Ans :- $1880.

8) Mdm. Goh spent some money on 45 buns.
She the same amount of money on another 20 muffins.
Each muffin cost $0.95 more than each bun.
How much did Mdm. Goh spend altogether?

Ans :- $68.40.

9) Mr. Yama went shopping and bought 8 shirts from the first shop. Then, he bought 3 more identical shirts at $42.50 each from the second shop. The average cost of all his shirts was decreased by $1.50. What was the total cost of the 11 shirts?

Ans :- $511.50.

10) A pen costs 25 as much as a magazine and 311 as much as a book. If the book costs $14 more than the magazine,
a) How much does the pen cost?
b) What is the total cost of the 3 items?

Ans :- a) $12
b) $86 .

11) The ratio of the number of 20-cent coins to the number of 50-cent coins to the number of $1 coins in a bag is 2 : 6 : 7. Given that the total amount of money in the bag id $156, how many coins are there altogether?

Ans :- 225.