Maths worksheets for money sums

1) Mr Gopal travelled to a foreign country. The fare rates of the taxi service in that country are as follows.

Distance travelled Charge
1st km or less $3.20
Every 250 m thereafter $0.20
Airport surcharge $5.00
Luggage charge per piece $1.00

Mr Gopal took a taxi from the airport. He had 3 pieces of luggage and his destination was 8 km away. He also had to pay the peak hour surcharge which was 35% of the metered fare. How much taxi fare did he pay?

Ans :- He paid $22.68.

2) The charges for a taxi company are as follows:

For the first km or less $3.20
For an additional 385m or less $0.20

Vincent took a taxi from his house to the Science Centre. He travelled 19 km. How much did he pay for the taxi fare?

Ans :- Vincent paid $12.60 for the taxi fare.

3) For his 10th birthday treat, Max is going to Resorts Park with his parents and two younger sisters. What is the minimum amount of his family has to pay for entry?

primary six maths worksheets

Ans :- His family has to pay minimum $29.50.

4) There were some fifty-cent coins and one-dollar coins in a coin box. 12 fifty-cent coins were taken out and exchanged for one-dollar coins and the money was put back into the coin box. The ratio of the number of fifty-cent coins to the number of one-dollar coins became 4:3. If all the coins in the coin box add up to $75, what was the ratio of the number of fifty-cent coins to the number of one-dollar coins at first?

Ans :- 24 : 13

5)Devi bought 2 identical rulers, 3 identical pens and 2 identical notebooks from Pop Bookstore. Her pen leaked and some ink smudged on her receipt. If the cost of each pen was $2 after rounding off to the nearest dollar, what was the highest possible cost of each notebook?

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Ans :- Highest possible cost of each book is $5.55.

6. Leon bought some terrapins and guppies for a total of $96. He bought 3 times as many guppies as terrapins. He paid $30 more for the terrapins than for the guppies. Each terrapin cost $10.40 more than each guppy.
(a) How many terrapins did he buy?
(b) What was the cost of each guppy?

Ans :- a) He bought 5 terrapins
b) Each guppy cost $2.20.

7. Sushila went shopping. She spent $588 on 2 dresses, 3 skirts and 2 pairs on sunglasses. The total amount spent on the dresses was 0.4 of the total amount spent on the skirts and sunglasses.
The total amount spent on the sunglasses was 13 of the total amount spent on dresses and skirts.
(a) How much did she spend on the two pairs of sunglasses?
(b) What was the cost of the third skirt if the average cost of the other 2 skirts was $88?

Ans :- a) She spent $147 on the two pairs of sunglasses
b) $97.

8. Mrs. Samy had a sum of money to spend. She spent ½ of her money plus $4 on a handbag. She then spent of the remaining money plus $2 on a pair of shoes. Finally she spent 23 of what was left plus $1 on a skirt. She was then left with $11.
(a) How much did each item cost?
(b) How much money did she have at first?

Ans :- a) Each item cost $84
b) At first she had $160.

9. Lauren and Jude went shopping and they spent the same amount of money. Lauren bought 6 dresses at $68.90 each and a pair of jeans for $56.60. Jude spent 0.6 of the amount spent by Lauren on a DVD player. After paying for a mobile phone, Jude had $23.85 left. How much did he pay for the mobile phone?

Ans :- He paid $188 for the mobile phone.

10. The table shows the photocopying charges in a shop. How much does it cost to photocopy 400 pages?

Ans :- It costs $30.50.

Number of pages Cost per pages
First 150 pages $0.15
Next 100 pages $0.05
Subsequent pages $0.02