Maths worksheets for money sums

1) Mrs Tay bought a total of 72 plastic and wooden clothes hangers. Each plastic hanger cost $1.50 while the wooden hanger cost $3.50. If the total cost of the wooden hangers was $42 more than the plastic hangers,
(a) how many wooden hangers did Mrs Tay buy?
(b) find the total amount of money Mrs Tay spent.

Ans :- a) Mrs Tay bought 30wooden hangers
b) She spent $168 in total.

2) Lucas receives $0.50 more pocket money than Ann everyday. Each of them spends $1.20 a day and saves the rest. After Ann has saved $3.60, Lucas will have saved $6 more than Ann. Find the amount of pocket money Lucas receives per day.

Ans :- Lucas received $2 per day.

3) Lisa had some 50-cent and 20-cent coins in the ratio of 2 : 3. She exchanged six 50-cent coins for 20-cent coins. If the ratio of 50-cent coins to 20-cent coins became 2 : 5, find the amount of money Lisa had.

Ans :- Lisa had $24.

4) Mr Lai has some $2 and $5 notes. The number of $2 notes is 16 more than the number of $5 notes. But the total value of the $5 notes is $13 more than the total value of the $2 notes. How many $5 notes does Mr Lai have?

Ans :- Mr Lai had 15 $5 notes.

5) A shopkeeper bought some mugs at $3 each. He sold 70 of them on Saturday. On Sunday, he sold 38 mugs at $5.50 each. If he made a profit of $305 altogether, find the price he charged for each mug on Saturday.

Ans :- He charged $6.

6) David has some 50-cent coins. Jane has some 20-cent coins. Jane has 12 more coins than David. If David has $1.80 more than Jane, how much money does he have?

Ans :- $7.

7) Joanne bought a lipstick and a bottle of lotion for $22.30. Patricia bought a bottle of lotion and a bottle of powder for $18.50. Julia bought 2 lipsticks, 2 bottles of lotion and a bottle of powder for $50.40. Find the cost of each lipstick.

Ans :- $9.60.

8) Simon had some $1 and $0.50 coins in the ratio of 3 : 4. After changing 6 pieces of $1 coins to 12 pieces of $0.50 coins, the ratio of the $1 coins to $0.50 coins became 3 : 8. Find the amount of money Simon had.

Ans :- $35.

9) Enid paid $20.40 for 30 fruits. Some were pears and the rest were oranges. Each pear cost $0.80 and each orange cost $0.50. How many pears did she buy?

Ans :- 18.

10) The cost of renting a van is made up of a fixed charge and a charge based on the distance travelled.

Fixed charge $40 per day
First 200 km travelled 10 ¢ per km
Remaining distance over 200 km 20 ¢ per km

Mr Lai rented the van for 5 days and was charged $300. Find the total distance that he travelled.

Ans :- 600 km.