Maths worksheets for money sums

1) For every gram of sugar Mrs Pow used for baking, she needed 4 times as much flour as sugar. The sugar cost $2 per kg and the flour cost $3 per kg. Mrs Pow spent a total of $84 on the sugar and the flour. How much flour did she use in all?

Ans :- Mrs Pow used 24 kg flour.

2) In 2008, Rochelle received a monthly salary of $7767 for 23 years. For the rest of the year, her salary was $6850 per month. In 2009, the total salary that she received for the whole year was 30% less than the total salary that she received in 2008. How much was her total salary in 2009?

Ans :- Rochelle's total salary in 2009 was $62675.20.

3) One box of greeting cards costs$3.75. Mandy needs 120 boxes of such cards. For every 4 boxes of cards she buys, she gets 1 box free of charge. How much does Mandy have to pay for 120 boxes of such cards.

Ans :- Mandy had to pay $360

4) At a sale, Lydia paid $350.40 for three blouses, a pair of pants and 3 T-shirts. A blouse cost twice as much as a T-shirt and a pair of pants costs 1 ½ times as much as a blouse. How much money would Lydia have saved if she were to buy 2 blouses, a pair of pants and a T-shirt instead?

Ans :- Lydia would have saved $116.80.

5) Curry puffs is sold at $0.80 each. For every 3 curry puffs, Mrs Lim can buy 1 more curry puff at a discount of 50%. If Mrs Lim has $50, how many curry puffs can she buy?

Ans :- 71 curry puffs.

6) Yvette has some coins in her savings box. There were 18 less 50-cent coins than 20-cent coins. The total value of the coins is $21.80. Find the total number of 20-cent coins and 50-cent coins she has.

Ans :- She had total 70 coins.

7) Every month, Mrs Lim spends $550 more than what she saves. After 1 ½ years, she finds that her total expenditure is $12 600. How much does she save each month?

Ans :- Each month she saves $150.

8) Bag Y contains some 50-cent coins and Bag Z contains some 20-cent coins. There are 23 more coins in Bag Z than in Bag Y. The amount in Bag Y is $12.80 more than in Bag Z.
(a) How many 20-cent coins are there in Bag Z?
(b) What is the total value of the coins in both bags?

Ans :- a) 81
b) $45.20 .

9) I get $65 more pocket money than my sister every week. Each of us spend $42.50 per week on food and save the rest. When I have saved $1624, my sister would have saved $1104. How much pocket money does my sister get each week?

Ans :- Sister gets $180.50 weekly.

10) 7 apples cost $4.
9 oranges cost $11.
James bought a total of 1000 apples and oranges for $999.
How many apples and how many oranges did he buy?

Ans :- 657 apples and 343 oranges.