Maths worksheets for money sums

1) A bookshop sold 836 magazines at $8.90 each. It also sold dictionaries at $22.40 each. If $16 691.60 was collected from the sales of magazines and dictionaries, how many dictionaries were sold?

Ans :- 413 doctionaries were sold.

2) The table below shows the airmail rates to America.

Find the cost of the airmail which weighs:
(a) 29g
(b) 2 kg

Ans :- a) The cost is $1045
b) The cost is $70.40

3) Coin boxes A, B, C and D contained some one-dollar, fifty-cent, twenty-cent and ten-cent coins respectively. Coin box A has 6 times as many coins as coin box C. Coin box B contained 108 coins fewer than Coin box A. Coin box C contained 13 the number of coins in coin Box B and 4 times as many coins as Coin box D. What is the total amount of money in the four coin boxes?

Ans :- The total amount of money is $278.10

4) Rabiah bought a total of 80 stools and chairs for $1780. When 20 stools were removed, there was an equal number of stools and chairs left. If each chair cost $6 more than each stool, Find the cost of each chair.

Ans :- The cost of each chair is $26.

5) (a) A salesman earns $10 for every 50 T-shirt he sells. If he sells 374 T-shirts, how much money will he earn?
(b)The table below shows the wages paid to a worker.

Monday to Friday $30 per day
Saturday and Sunday $45 per day

Bala worked from 3rd June (Thursday) to 10th June. How much would he be paid?

Ans :- a) He will earn $70
b) He would be paid $270

6) During a sale, Shop X and Shop Y were selling similar blouses at $28 and $21 respectively. Before this sale, the price of blouses was the same in both shops. A sum of $170 can be saved by buying 2 blouses from each shop during the sale. How much was the discount per blouse in Shop X?

Ans :- Disount in shop X is $39.

7) There are some 10-cent coins and 50-cent coins in a piggy bank. The amount of money in the box is $3.40. If the number of 10-cent coins is less than 5, find the total number of coins in the piggy bank.

Ans :- there are 10 coins in Piggy bank.

8) John had a sum of money. On Monday, he spent 25% of his money. On Tuesday, he spent 13 of his money. On Wednesday, he spent 25% of what he spent on Monday and Tuesday. If he had $39 left, how much did he have at first?

Ans :- John had $144 at first.

9) Liz has $45. She can spend all her money on 10 plates of fried rice or 15 plates of fried noodles. If she decides to buy an equal number of plates of fried rice and fried noodles, what is the greatest number of plates of fried rice she can buy?

Ans :- She can buy max 6 plates of fried rice.

10) Mr Tok had some $2, $5 and $10 notes. There are 12 more $2 notes than $5 notes. He has 3 times as many $10 notes as $5 notes. If the total value of all the notes is $283, what is the total value of the $10 notes?

Ans :- Total value of $10 notes is $210.