Maths worksheets for money sums

1) At first, Edward had some $10 notes and $2 notes in the ratio of 3:8. After exchanging two $10 notes for $2 notes, the ratio of $10 notes to $2 notes became 1:3. Find the amount of money Edward had.

Ans :- Edward had $736

2) John has $34 in his piggy bank. There was a mixture of 20 cent and 50 cent coins. There were 5 more 50 cent coins than 20 cent coins in the piggy bank. How many 50 cent coins are there in his piggy bank?

Ans :- There are 50 50cent coins in John's piggy bank.

3) Mr Tan spent some money on 35 notebooks. He spent the same amount of money on another 29 pens. Each pen costs $1.75. How much did Mr Tan spend on a notebook?

Ans :- Mr Tan spent $1.45 on a notebook

4) Darren saves $1.40 daily and Sonia saves $1.10 more than him daily. Although Sonia started saving one week later than Darren, she has now saved $2.30 more than him. How many days has Darren been saving?

Ans :- Darren has been saving since 18 days.

5) There is a total of 195 fifty-cent, ten-cent and five-cent coins in a tin. There are 13 more ten-cent coins than fifty-cent coins. The number of five-cent coins is twice the total number of fifty-cent and ten-cent coins. What was the total amount of all these coins?

Ans :- Total amount was $23.40

6) Bobby earns $0.40 for every magazines he sells. A bonus of $3 is given to him for every 80 magazines he sells. How many magazines must he sell to earn $881?

Ans :- He must sell 2015 magazines.

7) 3 apples and 5 pears cost $3.85.
5 apples and 10 pears cost $7.25.
What is the cost of 1 apple?

Ans :- The cost of 1 Apple is $0.45

8) The table below shows the parking charges at a carpark.

(a) Mrs Lim parked her car at the carpark from 9.25 am to 2.45 pm. How much did Mrs Lim have to pay for her parking charges?
(b) Mr Tan is left with only $6.15 in his cashcard. What is the longest possible time he can park his car at the carpark?

Ans :- a) Mrs Lim had to pay $9.70
b) Mr Tan can park his car for maximum 3h.

9) Carrie had $210. During a move-out sale, she paid $54 for 3 dresses and 5 T-shirts. She bought another 10 T-shirts and a few dresses with all the remaining money. If each dress cost $6, how many dressses did she buy in all?

Ans :- She bought 17 dresses in all.

10) Siva needed to buy some furniture for his new company. He could buy 4 tables and 6 bookshelves with $490. With the same amount of money, he could buy 14 bookshelves too.
(a) How many sets of 4 tables and 6 bookshelves could he buy with $2000?
(b) Siva decided to buy tables only, how many tables could he buy with $1 960?

Ans :- a) Siva could buy 4 sets.
b) He could buy 28 tables.