Math worksheet for fraction

1. In a countdown concert, half of the audience was adults, and 13 of the remaining audience were boys and the rest were girls. Given that there were 2338 girls in the concert, how many people attended the concert?

Ans :- 7014 people attended the concert.

2) Miss Li sold watches and bracelets. Each watch was sold at $42. Each bracelet was sold at 23 of the price of each watch. Miss Li sold 13 of the items and collected $3360. 25 of the items sold were watches.
(a) How many bracelets were sold?
(b) What was the total number of items left unsold?

Ans :- a) 60
b) 200.

3) Mary had 58 as many sweets as Lucy. After Lucy gave ¼ of her sweets to Mary, Mary had 10 more sweets than Lucy. How many sweets did Mary have at first?

Ans :- 50.

4) Box A had 56 as many beads as box B. 310 of box A's beads were transferred to box B. 25 of box B's beads were then transferred to box A. If boxes A and B had 88 beads altogether, how many bead were there in box A in the end?

Ans :- 52.

5) Mrs. Ong had an 8-m long piece of string. She cut it into 2 pieces. The length of the shorter piece was ¾ of the length of the longer piece. Mrs. Ong kept the shorter piece and used the longer piece to tie some parcels. She used 67 m of string to tie each parcel.
a) Find the maximum number of parcels Mrs. Ong was able to tie.
b) What was the length of string left after tying all the parcels?

Ans :- a) 5
b) 27 m .

6) At a camp, 511 of the campers were Primary Four pupils. 58 of the remaining campers were Primary Five pupils and the rest were Primary Six pupils. Halfway through the camp, some Primary Six pupils left the camp. As a result, 78 of the remaining campers were Primary Four and Five pupils. How many Primary Six pupils left the camp site?

Ans :- 56.

7) Mdm. Lim bought some books and stationery. 13 of all the items bought were fiction books. 15 of them were non-fiction books and the rest were stationery. The prices of the books and stationery were shown below: Mdm. Lim spent $723.60 on all the books. How much did she spend on the stationery?

Ans :- $16.80.

8) Four children min, Nathan, tom and Caleb each have some savings. The amount of money Nathan has is 13 of the total amount of money tom and Caleb have. The amount of money tom has is ¼ of the total amount of money Nathan and Caleb have. The amount of money Min has is 15 of the total of the total amount of money Nathan, tom and Caleb have. If Caleb saves $1035, how much do the four children have altogether?

Ans :- $2700.

9) Box A and Box B contain the same number of apples. The number of red apples in Box A is 23 of that in Box B. The number of green apples in Box B is ¼ of that in Box A. What fraction of the apples in Box B are red?

Ans :- 910.

10) Chloe had 120 more stickers than Gladys. After Chloe lost 15 of her stickers, and Gladys lost 34 of her stickers, Chloe had 184 more stickers than Gladys. How many stickers did Gladys have at first?

Ans :- $160.