Math worksheet for fraction

1. Terry had some stamps. He gave Jenny 13 of the stamps plus 10 stamps. He gave Peter half the remainder plus 5 stamps. If Terry was left with 50 stamps, How many stamps did he have at first?

Ans :- At first they had 180 stamps.

2. Fanny had some books. She gave Grace 13 of the books plus 6 more. She gave Heidi 13 of the remaining books plus 4 more. If Fanny finally had half as many books as Heidi, how many books did Grace receive?

Ans :- Grace received 15 books.

3. There are 26 cars in Car Park A. There are 24 times as many cars in Car Park B. 613 of the cars in Car Park B are Japanese and 13 of these Japanese cars are Toyotas. If there are 8 Toyotas in Car Park A, find the total number of Toyotas in the two car parks.

Ans :- Total 104 toyotas in the two car parks.

4. There are 100 children. 35 of the boys and 13 of the girls wear glasses. If 40 children wear glasses altogether, how many boys do not wear glasses?

Ans :- 10 boys do not wear glasses.

5. At a party, some gifts were prepared for the guests. 45 of the gifts were for the adults and the rest were for the children. 92 children were at the party and they took away 45 of the gifts prepared for them. If each guest was given 1 gift, how many gifts were prepared?

Ans :- 575.

6. 10. A shirt cost 45 as much as a dress. 17 of Sally's money could buy a shirt. Sally bought 3 shirts and 2 dresses. What fraction of her money was Sally left with?

Ans :- Sally left with 314 of her money .

7. Cheryl spent 27 of her money on 4 books and 8 pencils. She then spent the remaining amount on 6 books, 12 pencils and 4 files. How many files can she buy with 67 of her money?

Ans :- She can buy 12 files.

8. Wei Ling has same dollar notes in her wallet. 37 of them are $10 notes.
23 of the remainder are $5 notes and the rest are $1 notes. If she has 12-$1notes, how much money does Wei Ling have in her wallet?

Ans :- Wei Ling has $402 in her wallet

9. A bag contains some red balls and blue balls. If we remove 1 red ball from the bag, then 17 of remaining balls are red. If, instead of 1 red ball, we remove 2 blue balls from the bag, then 15 of the remaining balls in the bag are red. How many balls are there in the bag at first?

Ans :- There are 22 balls in the bags at first.

10. Four persons Anne, Beth, Cindy and Don shared a sum of $60. Anne received ½ of the total amount received by Beth, Cindy and Don. Beth received 23 of the total amount of money received by Cindy and Don. Cindy received 3 times as much as Don.
A) How much money did Anne received?
B) How much more money did Beth receive than Don?

Ans :- a) Anne received $20
b) Beth recieved $10 more than Don.