Math worksheet for fraction

1) Elly went shopping with a sum of money. She spent ¼ of her money on a handbag and $750 on a laptop. After that, she spent 16 of her remaining money on a dress. The amount of money Elly had left in the end was $125 more than half of the amount she had at first. How much money did Elly have at first?

Ans :- At first Elly had $6000.

2) The figure below is made up of 4 identical squares. What fraction of the figure is shaded? Give your answer in its simplest form.

maths worksheets

Ans :- 38.

3) Rosalind spent 27 of her money on 4 small notebooks and 2 exercise books. How many notebooks could she buy in the same ratio if she were to spend all her money?

Ans :- She could buy 14 notebooks.

4) Jerry and Kath had 300 erasers altogether. 15 of Jerry's erasers was 20 more than 13 of Kath's erasers. Jerry then bought another 30 erasers. How many erasers did Jerry have in the end?

Ans :- In the end Jerry had 255 erasers.

5) 9.6 kg of soil was given to a class of Primary 3 pupils. 35 of the soil was divided equally into 16 large containers. The remaining soil was packed equally into 12 smaller containers. How much soil is needed if only 3 large containers and 7 small container were used?

Ans :- 3.32 kg soil is needed.

6) May and Jane had a total of 1200 postcards. May gave 13 of her postcards to Jane. Jane then gave 116 of her cards to May. In the end, they had the same number of cards. How many postcards did each of them have at first?

Ans :- At first Mary had 840 and Jane had 360post cards..

7) Stephanie had 120 more beads than rubber bands. After
giving 13 of the beads away, she had 70 more rubber bands than beads. What was the total number of beads and rubber bands Stephanie had at first?

Ans :- 1020.

8) Ben and Tom each picked a number of shells at the beach. Firstly, Ben sorted out all his shells and gave 13 of his shells to Tom. Secondly, Tom counted all his shells and gave 14 of them to Ben. Thirdly, Ben totalled up all his shells and gave 15 of them to Tom. Finally, Ben had 32 shells and Tom had 56 shells. How many shells did each of them pick at the beach at first?

Ans :- At first Ben picked up 36 shells and Tom Picked up 52 shells.

9) 15 of the people in a hall are boys. There are 18 more girls than boys in the hall. The remaining people are adults. If there are 24 more adults than girls, how many people are there?

Ans :- There are 150 people .

10) Joe, Bill and Ken shared some apples. Joe received 23 of the apples plus 23 of an apple. Bill received 23 of the remainder plus 23 of an apple. Ken received 23 of the new remainder plus 23 of an apple. If no apple was left after this, How many apples did they share?

Ans :- They shared 26 apples.