Math worksheet for fraction

1. Packets A, B and C each contained some cement. 13 of the cement was transferred from Packet A to Packet B. Then 13 of the cement was transferred from Packet B to Packet C. Finally 13 of the cement was transferred from Packet C to Packet A. In the end, there were 12 kg of cement in each packet. What was the mass of cement in Packet B at first?

Ans :- 15 kg.

2. The number of Primary 5 girls attending a camp was 35 the number of Primary 6 girls attending the same camp. The number of Primary 6 boys attending the camp was 23 the number of Primary 5 boys attending the same camp. There was an equal number of Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils attending the camp. Find the ratio of the number of Primary 6 girls to the total number of Primary 6 pupils who are attending the camp.

Ans :- 5 : 9.

3. Four boys, Colin, Damian, Edwin and Fabian each contributed some money to buy their parents a gift which was worth $168. Colin's contribution was ½ of the total contribution made by Damian and Edwin. Fabian's contribution was 13 of the total contribution made by the other three boys.
(a) Find the amount that Damian contributed if Edwin contributed $34.
(b) What fraction of the total contribution is Colin's contribuion?

Ans :- a) Damian contributed $50
b) Colin's contribution was ¼ of the total..

4. Freddy, James and Alex shared 350 stickers. Alex had 710 as many stickers as Freddy at first. After Freddy and James gave ½ of their stickers to their siblings, James had 40 more stickers than Freddy. The three boys then had 210 stickers left. How many stickers did James have at first?

Ans :- At first James had 180 Stickers .

5. Dinesh had some money. He spent $288 on an iPhone. He then spent 35 of the remaining money on a pair of shoes. The total amount of money spent was $42 less than the amount of money he had at first. How much did Dinesh have at first?

Ans :- At first Dinesh had $393.

6. Felix had some money. He spent 25 of it on 3 simmilar pens. He bought another 2 such pens and 15 erasers with the rest of his money.
(a) What fraction of his money was spent on buying 15 erasers? Give your answers in its simplest form.
(b) In a sale, Felix would be given 1 free eraser for every 6 erasers bought. How many erasers would he get altogether if he had spent all his money at first on erasers?

Ans :- a) 13 of his money
b) 52 erasers

7. Mr Chan gave his 4 children, Amanda, Ben, Charles and David a total sum of $2400. Amanda received ½ of the total amount received by Ben, Charles and David. Ben received 23 of the total amount of money received by Charles and David. Charles received three times as much as David.
(a) How much money did David receive?
(b) What fraction of Amanda's money is Ben'd money if Charles gives Ben $40?

Ans :- a) David received $240
b) 1720.

8. 13 of the people in the auditorium were men. When 69 men left the auditorium, the number of men decreased to ¼ of the total number of people in the auditorium. How many women were there in the auditorium?

Ans :- There were 414 women in the auditorium.

9. Mr Raju conducted hip-hop dance classes for children from Monday to Friday during the first week of school holidays. On Monday, all of the children were present. On Tuesday, only 23 of the children attended the class. On Wednesday, the number of children who attended the class was half of those who attended on Tuesday. On Thursday, the number of children who attended the class was 34 the of those who attended on Wednesday. On Friday, only 10 children were present, which was 56 of the number of children present on Thursday. How many children signed up for the classes?

Ans :- 48 children sign up for the classes.

10. Dawn, May and Sue each gave the same amount of money to Elizabeth who had no money.
Dawn gave Elizabeth ½ of her money.
May gave Elizabeth 15 of her money.
Sue gave Elizabeth 27 of her money.
In the end, what fraction of the total sum of money did Elizabeth receive? (Express your answer in its simplest form.)

Ans :- In the end Elizabeth received 27 of total money .