Math worksheet for fraction

1) The number of boys was 23 the number of girls at a birthday party. Later, 12 more boys joined and 6 girls left the party. In the end, there were twice as many boys as girls at the party. Find the number of boys at the party at first.

Ans :- At first there were 12 boys at the party.

2) Joash, Tobias and Hansen shared a box of marbles. The number of marbles Joash took was 8 more than 13 of the marbles in the box. The number of marbles Tobias took was 18 more than ½ of the remaining marbles. Hansen took the last 6 marbles that were left. How many marbles were there in the box?

Ans :- There were 84 marbles in the box.

3) Weiming had 23 as many stickers as Shiyang. After Weiming gave 52 stickers to Shiyang, Weiming had 25 as many stickers as Shiyang. How many stickers did Weiming have at first?

Ans :- At first Weiming had 182 stickers.

4) Both Joanne and Joseph had an equal amount of money at first. Every month, Joanne spent $850 and Joseph spent $912. After a few months, Joanne was left with $1550 while Joseph had 45 as much as Joanne. How much money did Joseph have at first?

Ans :- At first Joseph had $5800

5) Mr Wu had some badges and decided to give them to his two sons, Sean and Matthew. Mr Wu gave 13 of the badges and 8 more badges to Sean. He gave 34 of the remainder to Matthew but took back 2 badges. Mr Wu was left with 26 badges. How many badges did Mr Wu have at first?

Ans :- At first Mr Wu had 156 badges.

6) A flask is 13 filled with chocolate powder. A teapot is twice as large as the flask and is ¼ filled with chocolate powder. Then the flask and the teapot are each filled with water completely and all the contents are mixed together into a chocolate drink. What fraction of the chocolate drink is chocolate powder?

Ans :- 518 is chocolate powder.

7) Alexa received a number of text messages on her mobile phone. 211 of them were from her superiors. 35 were from her parents and 16 of the remaining text messages were from her cousins. There were a total of 559 text messages from her superiors and her parents. How many text messages were from her cousins?

Ans :- 26 Text messages were from Alexa's cousin.

8) The cost of a packet of dried prunes was 17 that of a packet of dried mangoes. A shopkeeper spent 49 of his money on 24 packets of dried mangoes and 24 packets of dried prunes. Then he used the rest of his money to buy another 9 packets of dried mangoes and some more dried prunes.
(a) If he had spent all 49 of his money on dried prunes, how many packets of dried prunes could he buy?
(b) How many packets of dried prunes did he actually buy altogether?

Ans :- a) He could buy 192 packets of dried prunes.
b) Altogether he actually bought 201 packets of dried prunes.

9) At a rugby match, ¼ of the spectators bought 1 pack of titbits each. 35 of the remainder spectators bought 2 packs of titbits each. The rest of the spectators bought 4 packs of titbits each. Given that all the spectators bought 3854 packs of titbits, how many spectators were there at the match?

Ans :- There were 1640 spectator at the match.

10) There were 32 tourists on a bus. 25 of the men and ¼ of the women were from Singapore. The total number of tourists who came from Singapore was 11. How many men came from Singapore?

Ans :- 8 men came from Singapore.