Math worksheet for fraction

1) Mrs Tan had 47 of her pencils left after selling 567 of them at $0.70 each. She sold 23 of the remainder at $0.30 each. How much did she receive from the sales of the pencils?

Ans :- Mrs Tan received $548.10.

2) Adrian and John saved $880 altogether. ¼ of Adrian's savings is $40 more than 15 of John's savings. What is John's savings?

Ans :- John's saving is $400

3) After saving for a month, 15 of Heidi's savings was equal to 37 of Joseph's savings. After Heidi spent $356 and Joseph saved an additional $428, they had an equal amount of money in their savings. How much did Heidi and Joseph save altogether in the end?

Ans :- Altogether they saved $2228 in the end.

4) John's age is 18 of his father's age now. His father will be 36 years old in 4 year's time. How old will John be when he is 35 of his father's age?

Ans :- John would be 42 years old.

5) Mrs Ahmad has 79 kg of salt. She repacks them into packets of 18 kg each.
(a) How many such packets of salt does she get?
(b) What is the mass of the leftover salt?

Ans :- a) ≈ 6 packets
b) The mass of left over salt 136 kg

6) There were some pupils in a hall. Then ¼ of the boys and 16 of the girls left the hall. If 120 pupils left the hall and 56 of them were boys, how many pupils were there in the hall at first?

Ans :- At first there were 570 pupils in the hall.

7) There were 303 pupils in a hall. 29 of the girls and 13 of the boys wore their school T-shirt. If there were 79 pupils who wore their school T-shirts, how many boys wore their school T-shirt in the hall?

Ans :- 35 boys wore their school T-shirt.

8) Mr Goh spent $900 of his salary on a camera and ¼ of his remaining money on a DVD player. If he had $1200 of his salary left, how much was his salary?

Ans :- His salary was $2500

9) 34 of Gina's money is equal to 25 of Henry's money. If Henry gives Gina $42, they each will have the same amount of money.
(a) Express Gina's money as a fraction of Henry's money.
(b) How much do they have altogether?

Ans :- a) 815
b) Altogether they had $276

10) Jon invited 20 more girls than boys to his party. 34 of the girls and 23 of the boys turned up for the party and 26 children did not turn up. How many children did Jon invite to the party?

Ans :- Jon invited 92 children