Math worksheet for fraction

1) Jane read 13 of a story book on Monday. She read ¼ of the remaining pages on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she read another 85 pages and found that she still had another 134 pages before she finished reading. How many pages were there in the story book?

Ans :- There were 438 pages in the book.

2) Mr Lim won some money in a lucky draw. He gave 23 of his winnings to his wife, shared 34 of the remainder between his son and daughter and donated the rest to charity. He donated a total of $2000 to the charity.
(a) How much money did Mr Lim win in the lucky draw?
(b) If his son received $500 more than his daughter, how much did his daughter receive?

Ans :- a) Mr Lim won $24000
b) His daughter recieved $2750.

3) Jeremy had 78 as many stickers as Xavier. If Jeremy gave 314 of his stickers to Xavier, Xavier would have 475 stickers.
(a) How many stickers did Jeremy have at first?
(b) How many stickers must Jeremy give to Xavier so that Jeremy has 23as many stickers as Xavier?

Ans :- a) Jeremy had 350 stickers at first.
b) Jeremy must give 50 stickers.

4) Amelia, Betty and Cathy had a total savings of $210.
Amelia spent 34 of her savings, Betty spent ½ of her savings and Cathy spent 25 of her savings to buy a birthday present together. If each of the girls spent the same amount of money,
(a) find the amount of money each of the girls spent.
(b) find the total amount of savings they had left.

Ans :- a) Each girl spent $36
b) The total amount of savings they had left was $102.

5) Amy has 78 m of cotton twine. She cuts it into pieces of length 328m each for her artwork.
(a) What was the maximum number of the pieces she can cut from the cotton twine?
(b) What is the length of the remaining cotton twine?

Ans :- a) She can cut maximum 8 pieces.
b) 156 m

6) Mr Li earns $36 000 a year. Every month, he spends ¼ of his salary on his family expenses and gives 25 of his remaining salary to his mother. How much of his salary is he left with every month?

Ans :- Every month he is left with $1372.50

7) Kiran and Amirun had $12 650 together. Kiran spent 35 of his money and Amirun gave ¼ of his money to his wife. They found that they had the same amount of money left.
(a) How much did Kiran have at first?
(b) What is the ratio of Kiran's money to Amirun's money at first? Express your answer in its simplest form.

Ans :- a) At first Kiran had $8250 ,
b) The ratio is 15 : 8

8) Fazillah, Linda and Winnie each owned a collection of comics. The total collection owned by Linda and Winnie was 32 as many comics as Fazillah owned. Linda owned 45 as many comics as the total collection owned by Fazillah and Winnie. If Winnie owned 169 fewer comics than Linda, how many comics must Fazillah and Linda each give to Winnie in order for the three girls to have the same number of comics?

Ans :- Fazillah should give 39 comics
and Linda should give 65 comics.

9) A train left Marymount Station with some passengers. At the first stop, no passengers alighted and the number of passengers who boarded the train was 23 of the original number of passengers on the train. At the second stop, 15 of the passengers alighted and 32 passengers boarded the train. At the third stop, 56 of the passengers alighted and 28 passengers boarded the train. At Bartley station, all 150 passengers alighted from the train. How many passengers were there when the MRT left Marymount Station?

Ans :- There were 525 passengers when MRT left Marymount statation.

10) There were 156 more pupils in the playground than in the library. 15 of the pupils in the library were girls and 56 of the pupils in the playground were boys. If there were 17 more girls in the playground than in the library, find the total number of pupils in the two places.

Ans :- the total number of pupils is 696.