Math worksheet for fraction

1. 23of Ali's story books was the same as 35 of Raju's story books.
(a) Who had more story books?
(b) If Ali had 100 fewer books, how many books would Ali have?

Ans :- a) Raju had more story books
b) Ali had 900 books .

2) There were an equal number of boys and girls at a fun fair.
After 13 of the boys and 29 of the girls left the fun fair, there were 25 more girls than boys remaining behind.
(a) How many boys were there at the fun fair at first?
(b) Later 165 more children turned up at the fun fair. Then there were ¾ as many boys as girls. What was the total number of girls present at the end?

Ans :- a) 225
b) 280.

3) Faridah has 190 blue and red beads altogether. 147 of the beads are round in shape, ¾ of her blue beads and 56 of her red beads are round in shape. How many blue beads does she have?

Ans :- She had 136 blue beads .

4) Sonia had a certain number of stamps. She gave 17 of her stamps to her friend. She then gave 25 of her remaining stamps to her sister. Her uncle have her another 27 stamps and she found that she had 1017 stamps. How many stamps did Sonia have at first?

Ans :- Sonia had 1925 stamps at first.

5) Larry answered all the questions in an IQ test in 3 hours. He answered ½ of the questions in the first hour. He then answered ½ of the remaining questions and another 30 questions in the second hour. In the third hour, he answered 15 of the number of questions he answered in the second hour. Find the number of questions in the test.

Ans :- 180.

6) Jane wanted to buy a piano. The amount she had was 35 of the cost of the piano. Each of her parents then contributed $400 towards the purchase but Jane was still short of 27 of the amount needed to buy the piano.
(a) How much more money would Jane need to buy the piano?
(b) How much did the piano cost?

Ans :- a) $2000
b) $7000 .

7) Susan spent ¼ of her money on a storybook. She spent ½ of the remaining money on a box of crayons.
(a) What fraction of her money was left?
(b) The box of crayons costs $4.50. How much money did she have at first?

Ans :- a) 38.
b) She had $12 at first.

8) Fumin and Lihui had $2 600 altogether. After Fumin spent ¾ of her money and Lihui spent 35 of her money, they each had the same amount of money left. How much money did each girl have at first?

Ans :- At first Fumin had $1600 and Lihui had $1000.

9) Minghua gave ½ of his money to Lily. In return, Lily gave 13 of whatever money she had to Minghua. Later, Minghua gave ¼ of whatever money he had then to Lily. Finally, Minghua had $675 and Lily had $1325. How much did Minghua have at first?

Ans :- At first Minghua had $700 and Lily had $1300.

10) There are 84 pupils in Primary Six. 58 of the boys and ¾ of the girls wear glasses. There are 58 pupils who wear glasses. How many boys and how many girls wear glasses?

Ans :- There are 25 boys and 33 girls who have glasses.

11) There were 36 pupils in a school library. 49 of them were girls. When some of the girls left the library, the number of girls who stayed behind made up 38 of the total number of pupils who remained in the library. How many girls left the library?

Ans :- 4 girls.