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Math worksheet for fraction

1) Henry, Kimmy and Eddie had $1095 altogether. After Henry spent 25 of his money and Kimmy spent $40, Henry and Kimmy had the same amount of money left. Eddie spent twice the amount of what Henry had spent and had $80 more than the amount that Henry was left with. How much money did Eddie have at first?

Ans :- Eddie had $535 at first.

2)James spent 38 of his salary on food and saved25 of the remainder. Then he used the rest of his salary to buy Christmas presents for his friends.
(a) If each present cost 116 of his salary, how many presents did he buy?
(b) If each present cost $58, how much did James save?

Ans :- a) He bought 6 presents.
b) James saved $232

3) Mr Lee had 36 more guppies than goldfish. He sold ¼ of the guppies and 15 of the goldfish. He found that he had sold 28 more guppies than goldfish. The guppies were sold at $0.55 each and the goldfish at $0.85 each. What was the total amount he received?

Ans :- a) He received $121.80.

4) Julian had 300 more cards than Faizal. Julian gave 35 of his cards to Faizal. Faizal then gave ¼ of the total number of what he had then to Julian. In the end, Faizal had 300 more cards than Julian. How many cards did Julian have at first?

Ans :- a) Julian had 1125 cards at first.

5) A box has a mass of 29 kg when it is 56 filled with sand.
When it is 15 filled with sand, it has a mass of 10 kg. Find the mass of the empty box.

Ans :- The mass of the empty box is 25 kg.

6) Wendy, Jenny and Marcus share a bag of marbles. The number of marbles owned by Wendy is 13 of the total of Jenny's and Marcus's marbles. The total number of marbles owned by Jenny and Wendy is half of what Marcus has. If Wendy has 90 marbles more than Jenny, how many marbles does Marcus have?

Ans :- Marcus has 360 marbles.

7) Mrs Chia baked 120 beef pies and chicken pies. After she gave away 14 of the beef pies and 25 of the chicken pies, she was left with 30 beef pies. How many chicken pies had she left?

Ans :- 48 chicken pies left

8) Four boxes, A,B,C and D, contain some marbles.
Box A contains17 of the total number of marbles in Boxes B,C and D.
Box B contains ½ of the total number of marbles in Boxes C and D.
Box C contains 1 13 the number of marbles in Box D.
(a) If Boxes A and B contain 34 more marbles than Box C, how many marbles are there in Box A?
(b) How many marbles must be removed from Box C to Box A, B and D so that it contains 16 of the total number of marbles?

Ans :- a) There are 51 marbles in Box A
b) 68 marbles.

9) Chee Seng baked some cupcakes to sell at a fundraising event. 35 of them were strawberry cupcakes and the rest were chocolate cupcakes. After he sold 56 of the strawberry cupcakes and 300 chocolate cupcakes, he had ¼ of the total number of cupcakes left. How many cupcakes did he sell in all?

Ans :- In all he sold 900 cupcakes.

10) Osman, Agnes and Hazel drove towards the airport in three different cars but they set off at the same time. Osman drove at an average speed of 100 km/h and reached the airport after 30 minutes. When Osman reached the airport, Hazel covered 710 of the journey while Agnes covered 35 of it. Hazel slowed down her driving speed for the rest of the journey as she wanted to reach the airport at the same time as Agnes. Find Hazel's speed in km/h for the last 310 of the journey.

Ans :- 45 km/h