Maths worksheets for challenging problem sums

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Skill Involving Two or more Quantities With Fixed Total

1. The ratio of the boys to girls in a hall was 2 : 3. After 20% of the boys and 60% of the girls left the hall, the boys then outnumbered the girls by 60. How many children were in the hall at first?

Ans :- At first there 750 children in the hall.

2. In April, Tom saved 40% of his salary and spent the the rest of $600. In May, he saved $100 more. In June, he saved 35 of the amount he saved in May. Find his monthly average savings in the three months.

Ans :- $400.

3. Jenny spent 0.6 of her money on 4 towels. She bought another 2 towels and 3 cakes of soap with the rest of her money. If one free cake of soap is given for every 5 purchased, how many cakes of soap would Jenny get if she spent all her money on soap?

Ans :- 36 cakes of soap.

4. Fann had a bottle full of Coke. She filled 4 mugs with 59 of it. She found that the remaining Coke could still fill 2 mugs and 3 glasses. Find how many glasses could a bottle full of Coke fill.

Ans :- 18 glasses.

5. The body of a cat is as long as its head plus ½ the length of its tail. The tail is as long as the combined length of the head and body. If the head is 8 cm long, find the length of the whole cat.

Ans :- Cat is 64 cm long.

6. Alvin, Bobby and Calvin shared a box of clips equally. Alvin divided clips into 3 equal packets. Bobby divided his share into 4 equal packets and Calvin divided his share into 6 equal packets. If 1 of Alvin's packets and 1 of Bobby's packets had 30 more clips than 2 of Calvin's packets, how many clips did they share?

Ans :- They shared 360 clips.

7. Rachel bought 20 mugs and glasses. She was given a discount of $1 per mug and $0.30 per glass. She saved $10.20 altogether. How many mugs did she buy?

Ans :- 6.

8. Jerry poured 14 of a full bottle of water into 2 mugs and 3 glasses. He poured the rest into 7 mugs and 6 glasses. How many mugs can a full bottle fill?

Ans :- 12.

9. Box A and Box B contain some apples and oranges. The number of apples in Box A and Box B are in the ratio of 1 : 3 respectively. The number of oranges in Box A and Box B are in the ratio of 3 : 7 respectively. When 23 of the apples in Box B are transferred to Box A, The number of fruits in both boxes become equal. If there are 20 apples less than oranges altogether, Find the number of apples in Box B at first.

Ans :- 60.

10. Each month, Mrs Tan receives 0.4 of her daughter's monthly salary and 49 of her son's salary. Find the salary of her son if she receives equal amount of money from both her son and daughter and her daughter earns $100 more than her son.

Ans :- $900.

11. 37% of the beads in a box are yellow. The rest are red and blue beads in the ratio 3 : 4. There are 20 more yellow beads than red beads. How many beads are there altogether?

Ans :- 200 beads.