Maths worksheets for challenging problem sums

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Skill Involving Changing quantities

1) Xiaoming, Yanli and Zen went to a restaurant to have their lunch together. Each of them paid a different amount for their meals. Xiaoming paid 35 of what Yanli and Zen paid. Yanli paid 40% of what Xiaoming and Zen paid. If Zen paid $3 more than Yanli, how much did Xiaoming pay for his meal?

Ans :- $21 .

2) In an examination, 92% of the candidates passed. 72 of the failures were boys and 35 of the failures were girls. 1380 girls passed the examination.
(a) What was the total number of pupils who sat for the examination?
(b) What percentage of the candidates who passed the examination were boys?

Ans :- a) 2250
b) 3313 %.

3) There were some pens and pencils in a box. When Ali took out 24 pencils, there were five times as many pens as pencils left. If he had taken out 60% of the pens from the box instead, he would have twice as many pencils as pens left. How many pens were in the box at first?

Ans :- There are 40 pens in the box at first.

4) James used 12 litres of syrup to make fruit punch For every litre of syrup, he added 3.5 litres of water.
Bottles with a capacity of 200 ml each were then filled to the brim with the fruit punch.
(a) How many bottles of fruit punch did he get?
(b) If each bottle of fruit punch was sold for $0.80, how much money would James collect?

Ans :- a) 270
b) $216 .

5) 5 jugs of water can fill 58 of a pail. Another 3 jugs and 6 cups of water are needed to fill the pail completely. How many cups of water can the pail hold?

Ans :- 96 cups.

6) A school has 1060 pupils. When 40 boys and 19 of the girls are absent, the number of boys present is equal to the number of girls present. How many boys does the school have?

Ans :- There are 520 boys.

7) There are 3 baskets. Basket A contains 4 times as many apples as Basket C. Basket B contains 16 fewer apples than Basket A. Basket C contains half the number of apples in B. find the number of apples in each basket.

Ans :- Basket A has 32 Apples , Basket B has 16 apples and Basket C has 8 apples.

8) On Tree Planting day, Class A planted 45 the number of trees Class B planted. Class C planted twice the number of trees Class A planted. Class C planted 150 trees. How many trees did the three classes plant altogether?

Ans :- 510.

9) Sumin, Mary and Jim were given some funfair tickets to sell. Each ticket $2. Sumin sold ½ of the tickets in the ratio 1:3. Sumin sold 36 tickets more than Mary. How much money did they collect altogether?

Ans :- $192.

10) Anna and May shared a sum of money. Anna spent $50 each day while May spent $25 each day. After May had spent all her money, Anna still had $230 left. If Anna spent $15 each day and May spent $30, Anna still had $500 after May had spent all her money. How much did each girl have at first?

Ans :- May had $180 and Anna had $590.