Worksheets for Algebra sums

1. Hannah is w years old, Vicky is twice as old as Hannah and Nur Sarah is 5 years older than Hannah.
(a) What is the sum of the three girls' age now?
(b) What is the sum of the three girls' age in 10 years' time?

Ans :- a) The sum is (4w + 5) years old
b) The sum is (4w + 35) years old .

2. A piece of wire was bent to form the figure that made up of a quadrant AFCE and a rectangle ABCD as shown below.
Given that FD = 2 cm and AE = 2y cm.
(a) Find the length of BD.
(b) Given that length of FC is (2y-10) cm and DC is 15 cm, find the perimeter of FDC.
(Express your answers in terms of y for parts (a) and (b))

Ans :- a) 2ycm
b) (2y + 7) cm.

3) Jack had 8p marbles. Samuel had twice as many marbles as jack. Dave had 7 marbles less than Samuel.
a) How many marbles did Dave have?
b) How many marbles did they have altogether?

Ans :- a) (16p -7)
b) (40p - 7) .

4) Ronda is 2 k years old. She is 5 years younger than Hong Wai and twice as old as Colin. What is their total age in 4 years time? Leave your answer in terms of k.

Ans :- (5k + 17).

5) A dining costs 27 as much as a dining table. Mr. Lim bought a dining table and 6 dining chairs.
The dining table costs $q.
(a) How much did Mr. Lim pay altogether, in terms of q?
(b) If q = $700, how much did Mr. Lim pay?

Ans :- a) $(19q7)
b) $1900 .

6) The length of a rectangle is y cm. The ratio of its length to its breadth is 2 : 1.
a) What is the perimeter of the rectangle? (Give your answer in terms of y)
b) Find the perimeter of the rectangle if y = 24cm.

Ans :- a) 3y
b) 72 cm.

7) Mr. Wee baked 5n cookies. He gave 8 cookies to each of his pupils and had n cookies left.
(a) Express the number of pupils Mr. Wee had in terms of n.
(b) Mr. Wee had 60 cookies left. How many pupils did he give the cookies to?

Ans :- a) n2
b) 30 pupils.