Worksheets for Algebra sums

1) 5 sharpners and 8 books cost $49. If 1 sharpner and 1 book cost $u, find the cost of 9 books.

Ans :- The cost of 9 books is $(147 - 15u).

2) Study the table below. If the glue weighs 15 g, what is the mass of all the items?

Item Glue Scissors Colour Pencils Pencil case
Mass per item (in grams) b + 5 b 12b 6b

Ans :- The mass of all the item is 205G.

3) Mrs Song bought n boxes of cupcakes for all the P6 pupils. There were 32 pieces of cupcakes in each box. After giving 2 cupcakes to each pupil, she had 12 cupcakes left.
(a) Express the number of pupils in terms of n.
(b) If n = 14, how many pupils were there?

Ans :- a) (32n - 12) / 2
b) There were 218 pupils .

4) Ms Teo bought 4 teddy bears at $p each and 3 toy aeroplanes for $28.
(a) How much did she pay in total? Express your answer in terms of p.
(b) If each teddy bear costs $38, how much did she pay?

Ans :- a) $(4p + 28)
b) $180.

5) The cost of a printer is $99y and a laptop is 4 times as much.
(a) What is the total cost of 2 printers and a laptop?
(b) If y = 16, find the total cost of the 2 printers and a laptop.

Ans :- a) $(594y)
b) $9504.

6) Mr Fariq had a box of pencils. He kept 40 pencils and gave his pupils 3 pencils each. He had 68k pencils left. If he had 42 pupils, how many pencils were there in the box at first? Give your answer in terms of k.

Ans :- (166 + 68k).

7) Mr Sim had $200t. He gave ¼ of it to his son and $75 to his wife.
(a) Express the amount of money Mr Sim had left in terms of t.
(b) If t = 2, how much money had Mr Sim left?

Ans :- a) Mr sim had left $(150t - 75)
b) He had left $225.

8) Wei Ting receives $234 in allowance every month. After she sets aside $n, she divides the remaining money equally for 4 weekly withdrawals.
(a) Express the amount of money she withdraws weekly in terms of n.
(b) Find out how much her allowance is per week if n = $27.

Ans :- a) She withdraws $(234 - n) / 4
b) Her weekly allowance is $51.75.

9) In one minute, Nancy can type 5p words and Fann can type 35 as many words as Nancy. If the total number of words they can type in 5 minutes is 480, find the number of words Nancy can type in 1 minute.

Ans :- 60.

10) Mrs. Kaur and Mrs. Yap went shopping together. Mrs. Kaur had $21h more than Mrs. Yap. After Mrs. Kaur spent $85h, Mrs. Yap had 5 times as much money as Mrs. Kaur.
(a) Express the amount of money that Mrs. Kaur had at first in terms of h.
(b) If h = 8, find the amount of money Mrs. Kaur had left.

Ans :- a) $101h
b) $128