Worksheets for Algebra sums

1) Amanda, Brett and Nick packed their luggage for a holiday. Amanda's luggage weighed y kg. Nick's luggage weighed 7 kg more than Amanda's luggage. Brett's luggage was twice as heavy as Amanda's.
(a) Express the mass of Nick's luggage in terms of y.
(b) If y = 5, find the total mass of their 3 luggages.

Ans :- a) (y + 7)kg
b) total mass of their 3 luggage is 27 kg

2) The figure below shows the outline of a garden.

maths worksheet

(a) Express the perimeter of the garden in terms of x.
(b) If x = 5, what would be the cost of putting fences around the garden when the cost of putting a fence is $14 per metre?

Ans :- a)The perimeter of the garden (10x + 4) m
b) Cost would be $756

3) An egg tray with w eggs weighs 500g. The empty egg tray weighs 20g.
(a) What is the average mass of an egg in terms of w?
(b) If w = 12, what is the average mass of an egg?

Ans :- a) The average mass of an egg is (480w) g
b) The average mass of an egg is 40g

4) Siti is thrice as heavy as Ali. Ben is twice as heavy as Siti. Ben is (70-u) kg heavier than Ali. What is Ali's mass in terms of u?

Ans :- Ali's mass is ( 70 - u5 ) kg

5) Super Laundry charges the following rates for its laundry service.

First 5 shirts $ x each
Every additional Shirt $1

(a) How much will it cost Mrs Tan to wash 14 shirts?
(b) How much change would Mrs Tan get if she gives the cashier 2 fifty-dollar notes?

Ans :- a) It will cost $(9 + 5x)
b)Mrs Tan would get $(91 - 5x) back

6) The table below shows the prices of erasers and pens sold at a stationery shop.

Item Price per Item
Eraser w cents
Pen (w + 10) cents

John bought 6 erasers and 2 pens.
(a) How much did he spend? Give your answer in terms of w.
(b) Joseph paid $8.60 for 12 erasers and some pens. If w = 60, how many pens did he buy?

Ans :- a) He spent (8w + 10)
b) He bought 2 pens.

7) A file cost $p while a jotter book costs 90 cents less than the file.
(a) What is the cost of 2 files and a jotter book? Express your answer in terms of p in its simplest form.
(b) Alex wants to buy 2 files and a jotter book but is short of 30 cents. If the jotter book costs $2.10, how much money does Alex have?

Ans :- a) $(3p - 90)
b) Alex has $7.80

8) Salleh weighs p kg. Vivek is three times as heavy as Salleh. Josiah is 8 kg lighter than Vivek.
(a) What is the total mass of the three boys in terms of p?
(b) If Salleh weighs 20 kg, what is the difference between Josiah's mass and Salleh mass?

Ans :- a) (7p - 8)kg
b) Difference between Josiah and Salleh's mass is 32 kg

9) Leroy had only $9 and he needed to buy 85 magnets. His father gave him another $r. The magnets were sold in a pack of 5 for $r. How much more money did he need to pay for all the 85 magnets.

Ans :- Leroy needed $(16r - 9) more.

10) Shyan is h years old. Her mother is three times as old as she is. Her father is 5 years older than her mother.
(a) What is the total age of Shyan and her parents in 5 years' time in terms of h?
(b) Given that Shyan is 7 years old, find the total age of Shyan and her parents in 5 years' time.

Ans :- a) (7h + 20) years
b) 69 years old.