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Two quantities with a Constant Difference

Maths worksheet for Age sums

1) John's mother is thrice his age. 11 years from now, his mother's age will be twice that of his. How old is his mother?

Ans :- Mother is 33 years old.

2) Shyan is h years old. Her mother is three times as old as she is. Her father is 5 years older than her mother.
(a) What is the total age of Shyan and her parents in 5 years' time in terms of h?
(b) Given that Shyan is 7 years old, find the total age of Shyan and her parents in 5 years' time.

Ans :- a) (7h + 20) years
b) 69 years old.

3) Susan is 12 years old. Two years ago, her father was 38 years old. In how many year's time will Susan's age be 13 of her father's age?

Ans :- In 2 years time .

4) Randy is 8 years older than his brother. In 5 years time, his brother will be 35 as old as him. How old is Randy now?

Ans :- Randy is 15 years old now.

5) In the year 2009, Wati was 37 years old and her father was 65 years old. In which year was Wati's father 15 times as old as Wati?

Ans :- In 1974 Wati's father was 15 times as old as Wati.

6) Peter's age is ½ his father's age now. The sum of their ages in 5 year's time is 100. What is his father's age now?

Ans :- His father is 60 years old now.

7) Ahmad is 46 years old. He is 24 years older than his son. How many years ago was the ratio of Ahmad's age to his son's age 5 : 2?

Ans :- It was 6 years ago.

8) Karen is 3 years older than her brother. Four years ago, she was x years old. How old is karen's brother in 2 years' time?(express your answer in terms of x)

Ans :- (x + 3) years.

9) Tammy is 8 years old. Her father is 38 years old.
In how many years' time will Tammy's age be 13 of her father's?

Ans :- 7 years' time.

10) Sulin is ¼ as old as Meihua. In 5 years time, Sulin will be 13 as old as Meihua. How old is Sulin now?

Ans :- Sulin is 10 years old now.